Seeds of Hope World Missions

Is the seed yet in the barn? Haggai 2:19

Seeds need to be planted – sown – in order to bear fruit. Our Seeds of Hope World Missions uses the funds donated by volunteers and supporters to bear fruit in the lives of people around the world. We bring the Word of God, food, clothing, medical care, disaster relief, financial support and more to people in need. Families in Kenya, Haiti, Thailand, India, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania and other countries have all benefited from this powerful ministry. Our network of in-country support organizations allows us to provide assistance very quickly when the need arises.

Recent missions projects include the construction of the 2,000-seat Harvest Conference Center in Nakuru, Kenya serving at refugee camps, orphanages and Harvest-sponsored elementary schools. Our current project is the construction of a medical center in Kenya, in an area that has no medical care available. Right now they are using wheelbarrows to transport their loved ones to medical facilities miles away - and are often too late to receive the help they so desperately need. People are dying every day from curable and preventable diseases.

70% of those dying are children.

Sow a seed of hope into someone's life today, and know that as you give, you are making a difference in the lives of so many people. Give today!