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We believe in the power of the family. Families are the building blocks of neighborhoods, communities, cities, states, nations and the world! The family is also the foundation of the church. Now, when we say “family” we are speaking of a group of people related by blood. So, if you are single, as it relates to the church, then you are your family. A mother, father and children are a family. A single parent and children are a family. We believe very strongly that God is calling families to make a greater world impact, which starts with building a strong foundation based on the Word of God – so, we have instituted “Family Night”! Every Monday, the adults of the Harvest Life Changers Church will take time out to teach and train their children in the Word of God, to learn and grow in the Word themselves, and to also spend some fun family time together. Please note the church will not be holding any services on Monday nights.

Our next Family Night will be held on Monday, May 29th!  We are not providing a formal lesson plan, however, we encourage you to do something with your family!

Please take pictures during your Family Night and post to your social media pages with the hashtag, #HarvestFamilyNight.