Values Statement

We continually pursue our work and ministry with integrity and passion for the Kingdom of God, fueled by a strong commitment to our vision and mission in Jesus Christ.

Our Vision

At the heart of this ministry is the essence of Change through the power of Jesus Christ; to see people saved, healed, set free, empowered and serving.

This Change Concept is designed to reach and impact people of all ages and from every walk of life.

Body_image mission vision

Live Better by moving from:

  • • Being spiritually lost to salvation through Jesus Christ
  • • Carnal thinking to spiritual thinking
  • • Depression to the joy of life in Christ
  • • Acting on feelings and emotions to acting on Biblical principles
  • • Living an unrighteous lifestyle to righteous living
  • • Spiritual immaturity to spiritual maturity
  • • Living a lie to walking in the truth
  • • A life of doubt and fear to a life of faith and favor
  • • Spiritual bondage to freedom
  • • Lack of understanding to understanding
  • • Pride and stubbornness to humility and kindness
  • • “Hearers only” to doers of the Word of God

Love Better by moving from:

  • • No relationship with God to Loving God
  • • Self-serving to serving others
  • • Uncaring to having love and compassion
  • • Being a victim to being a victorious witness for Jesus Christ
  • • Negative association to positive fellowship

Serve Better by moving from:

  • • Inactivity to community action through serving
  • • Indifference to compassion for those in need
  • • Non-reach to God-centered outreach
  • • Living aimlessly to serving with a purpose
  • • Being self-willed to actively participating in God’s will

Give Better by moving from:

  • • Poverty to financial security
  • • Participating in a failing financial system to God’s unfailing financial system
  • • Non-givers to abundant, cheerful givers
  • • Non support to financial support of the Kingdom of God
  • • Bad financial habits and mannerisms to good financial practices and responsible financial management
  • • Being a financial liability to the Kingdom to being an asset and financial resource for the Kingdom