Pastor Deborah Dukes

Pastor Deborah Dukes would like you to know that she is blessed to be a wife, mother, grandmother, sister, daughter and friend. She serves in ministry as a passionate Kingdom leader, preacher, teacher, trainer, psalmist, visionary, author, entrepreneur and dedicated Pastor of more than 8,000 members of the Harvest Life Changers Church, International.

The weekly television broadcast, Heart to Heart with Lyle and Deborah Dukes, airs on several networks, reaching over 200 countries and more than 60 million homes with the life-changing ministry of Jesus Christ. Her loving relationship with her husband and partner in ministry, Bishop Lyle Dukes, serves as a model for marriages around the world. The fun-loving, joyous connection they share can be seen in a special segment of the broadcast, called Moments. Pastor Dukes is a woman of integrity and unwavering determination, equipping pastors and leaders globally through the Pastors Network which includes approximately 500 churches in the United States and abroad. A passion for service and love for people led her and Bishop Lyle Dukes, along with partners and friends of the ministry, to build the 2,000-seat Harvest Conference Center in Nakuru, Kenya. The center serves as a church facility, a headquarters for food and clothing distribution and more. Presently, the ministry is in the process of building a medical center in Kenya as well.

Beyond the pulpit, Pastor Dukes is a well-respected and renowned leader in business and organizational spheres. She is the progenitor of the Don’t Block My Flow Women’s Conference which is known as a vehicle for change, inspiration and empowerment. Pastor Deborah says, “When all is said and done, my main goal is to help people live better, love better, serve better, and give better.”

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