The World’s Greatest Gift

Jesus is the world’s greatest Gift…but why? For whom? Pastor Deborah brings forth God’s truths with power and anointing in this life-changing message. If you want to get an understanding of the gift of Jesus and your Kingdom assignment once you receive Him, then this message is for you!

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Don’t Miss Jesus

This message is double trouble for the enemy – Bishop Lyle Dukes and Pastor Deborah Dukes are preaching together! In this dynamic Word from the Lord, they reveal the things you must put in place so that you don’t miss Jesus – if you miss Him, you’ll miss your healing,

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Believing God

God has already declared that you have the victory. Why do you continue to doubt? Don’t let fear block you. Walk boldly in confidence, knowing that God has set you up for victory. Trust His plan. Let this series be your guide with three powerful messages: Disc 1 – Touching

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Master_storethumb FAITHTHATWORKS

Faith That Works

This life-changing series reveals powerful insight on what we must do to please God and examines the outcome of a life that pleases God through faith. Get Out of the Boat – Bishop Lyle Dukes Act In Faith – Bishop Lyle Dukes A Call To Action – Bishop Lyle Dukes

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