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    Harvest Life Men’s Basketball Team Schedule

    It’s that time of year again – time for our Championship Men’s Basketball Team to take action and bring home the trophy! Click here to see this year’s game schedule and directions to the venue – make time to come out and support our team! Go Harvest Life!

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  • top story graphiccOPEN DOOR LIVING

    Our Newest Release! The Open Door Living 21-Day Devotional

    This devotional is about the Open Door – and how to live your life in such a way that every aspect of your relationship with God is defined by openness and accessibility – from you to God and more importantly, from Him to you. Each day’s reading reveals a different

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  • top story graphic brick buy

    Brick Buy Donation Program

    As you ride down Jefferson Davis Highway (Route 1) or Neabsco Mills Road you can see the progress being made on our New Worship Center week by week – and it’s so exciting! Part of what you see is the brick exterior of the building…and you can help put even

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